PennWhite Add Permitted Usage Rates To Data Sheets

Across Europe regulations governing the use of chemical process aids are becoming evermore complex. While Brussels’ tries to impose Europe-wide standards, many nations are introducing their own rules. The result is confusion within the market and increasing uncertainty over “approved” usage levels for many everyday chemical solutions.

So, PennWhite are trying to make things a little simpler for our clients. Our experienced laboratory team is reviewing the various standards, regulations and guidelines to determine the maximum permitted usage rates for our product and process additives (where applicable).

Technical Director Dr Mark Humphries explained, “As scientists we want to ensure that our formulations satisfy both the demands of our clients and regulatory bodies. The end result of this project will only be a line of text on our Technical Data Sheets, but we feel the effort is worth it to give our clients extra peace of mind.” Maximum permitted usage rates will start to appear on PennWhite’s data sheets over the next few months.