PennWhite Get It Right First Time More Of The Time

Formulating high performance chemical process aids is not a straightforward proposition. Variables such as ambient temperature, raw material consistency, water hardness, pumping pressure and operator experience can easily influence the quality of a finished product.

PennWhite works extremely hard to control such variables using our ISO 9001 systems and a stringent product testing procedure. We aim to “get it right first time, every time.” In January 2013 the PennWhite laboratory team established a project whose goal was to reduce the number of batches that don’t achieve our quality standards.

The results are in. After months of continuous data collection, investigation, analysis and testing the number of non-conforming batches has fallen by 50% and our first time QC pass rate has risen to 93%. Whilst this is a great start, the project is on going and our lab team will continue to strive for a first time pass rate of 100%.