PennWhite Help Capture The Moment The Pod Went Pop!

If you’ve sat outside a country pub on a warm evening over the last few weeks, particularly in the flatlands of Lincolnshire and Norfolk, chances are you’ve seen convoys of agricultural vehicles exhibiting a little more haste than normal.

It’s likely that these vehicles will be taking part in an annual harvest that aims to pick, transport, process and freeze billions of peas within just 150 minutes of being picked. After being delivered to the processing facility the fresh peas are washed, sorted, blanched and prepared before being frozen and shipped to distributers and supermarkets across the country.

At each stage of pea processing natural sugars within the peas generate significant volumes of foam that can delay production and reduce the quality of the peas. Fortunately processors use PennWhite’s range of specialist Foamdoctor products to eliminate foam throughout the cycle, ensuring that peas are frozen within their two and a half hour deadline to claim their Class AAA status. 

Foamdoctor for pea processing

The Race to Pick the Perfect Pea