PennWhite Support Organic Vegetable Processing

The recent horse-meat “scandal” has shone a light on the food supply chain, making consumers concerned about the provenance of their food and reluctant to accept food labelling at face value. Now more than ever, suppliers must be able to back up claims such as “100% beef” or “100% organic”.

PennWhite can help suppliers of organic fruits, vegetables and salads maintain the organic integrity of their produce when it is washed during processing. Washing produce creates excessive foam that reduces process efficiency, the washing water is usually treated with an anti-foam to prevent this. Unfortunately most foam control agents will break the “organic chain”, causing unsuspecting producers to sell an organic product that is not truly organic.

The solution is PennWhite’s Foamdoctor F2914 (formerly known as ST914), an organic anti-foam that reduces unwanted process foam without undermining the produce’s organic credentials. This specialist anti-foam was developed by PennWhite in line with the Soil Association Organic Standards for Food and Drink. Using Foamdoctor F2914 will help fresh organic products stand up to the scrutiny of even the most sceptical consumer.

Foamdoctor F2914 / ST914