PennWhite; The Italian Job

A unique PennWhite product is helping the Italian car industry stay on the road. Modern car manufacturers expect their suppliers to deliver components just a few minutes before the workers on the assembly line need them, so if a supplier fails to deliver “just in time” the implications can be immense.

Magneti Marelli, a key Italian supplier to FIAT, and car manufacturers across the globe, uses industrial silicone sealant as insulation on many of its automotive products. Unfortunately the silicone can clog up the machines that apply it, causing production delays.

To keep their production equipment working we supplied Silstrip, a product developed by PennWhite that effectively eats silicone and can be safely washed off with water. By regularly applying Silstrip to its machines, Magneti Marelli is able to remove access silicone quickly and easily ensuring that production runs to schedule and FIAT doesn’t have to wait for its components.