PennWhite ISO 9001 External Audit Results.

On September 11th Intertek Certification Ltd (formerly Moody International), visited PennWhite to carry out their annual assessment of PennWhite’s ISO 9001 Management System.

After an intensive day spent reviewing PennWhite’s processes and procedures, checking the traceability of raw materials and finished goods as well as interrogating staff about their day to day working practices, Intertek were able to confirm that the policies and procedures in place at PennWhite are in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. As a result the ISO 9001 Management System at PennWhite has been independently certified for a 14th consecutive year.

Managing Director John Whitehead stressed the importance of ISO 9001 to his business, “Whilst independent certification gives our customers peace of mind, the main benefit of operating a formalised management system is that it forces us to constantly question how we do things. It gives us a structure for reviewing our performance and for implementing any changes necessary to improve our efficiency and service.”

ISO 9001:2008 at PennWhite