PennWhite Help Easy Sliders In Andorra.

With temperatures in the UK below freezing for the last few weeks and snow falling on many parts of the country, sliding, even when you don’t mean to, has not been a problem! But for visitors to an indoor ski slope in the principality of Andorra on the French and Spanish border, sliding has been much more difficult than you’d imagine.

The problem is caused by the nature of the artificial snow itself, namely that it is man-made. Snow cannons fire droplets of super cooled water into the frigid air inside the facility that then fall as snow. Unfortunately artificial snow tends to be much “wetter” than natural snow and this prevents skis and snowboards from sliding over the surface efficiently and smoothly.

Until that is, one of PennWhite’s specialist Silicone Emulsions is added to the mix. Our formulation lubricates the artificial snow and overcomes the friction created by its high moisture content. As a result skis and boards glide over the artificial snow as if it was natural snow, delivering a real downhill experience indoors.