PennWhite Save Salt Slags

On Sunday afternoon we received an emergency phone call from one of Europe’s largest industrial residue recyclers; their salt slag processing plant was about to shut down if we couldn’t help!

Salt slag is a waste product produced during aluminium smelting. The residue, along with spent pot liners (SPL) used in the process, contains reusable aluminium alongside useful oxides and salts. Separating these components involves crushing the waste and mixing it with water at 110oC, unfortunately this generates foam which inhibits the dissolution and crystallisation key to the success of the recycling process.

After reviewing the process conditions we suggested Foamdoctor F2913, a foam control agent particularly suited to high temperature use. By Monday afternoon F2913 was on site and being dosed into the water tanks and, despite the temperatures and pressures involved, eliminating unwanted foam as promised.

PennWhite are happy to play their part in helping our new customer deliver an environmentally responsible solution to the issue of industrial waste treatment.


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