PennWhite Help Recycle Half A Billion Bottles.

An advanced PennWhite foam control agent has helped a new business recycle 500 million plastic drinks bottles in just 12 months!

The first step in recycling Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles is to wash, which inevitably creates an excessive amount of foam. In the past this foam has made PET bottle recycling inefficient and even commercially unviable. Adding PennWhite’s anti-foam to the washing process eliminated the troublesome foam and gave the company the confidence to start a joint recycling venture with a global soft drinks giant at a purpose built plant in the United Kingdom.

Another PennWhite anti-foam is being used at a previously mothballed plastic bottle recycling plant that has re-started after a £500,000 investment. When it was initially opened the plant struggled to reach quality standards, largely because of the impact of unwanted foam on its recycling process. Our foam control agent is now a key part in helping the plant deliver a thoroughly cleansed and high quality recycled bottle.

Together, These high-tech facilities will recycle billions of plastic bottles previously destined for landfill, as well as stimulating their local economies and creating jobs for local people.

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