PennWhite Launch Greasil 3000

Greasil 3000 is a water repellent, non-melting, low conductivity grease lubricant developed for applications in construction, automotive and mechanical services industries. 

This environmentally (and user) friendly product is tasteless, odourless and non toxic. It will not degrade rubber, plastic or metal and is not effected by daylight or strong UV light. Softer than other greases in the PennWhite range, Greasil 3000 has an unworked penetration of 315mm and its dialectric strength of around 20kv/mm imparts low electrical conductivity to the grease. This high performance lubricant can be used in temperatures from -50C to +280C.

Greasil 3000 is particularly suited to the assembly of plastic pipework, "O" ring assembly, waterproofing electical components, protecting pourous surfaces and lubrication of items subject to temperature extremes. It is available now in a range of packs from 100g to 200kg.

Greasil 3000 Technical Data Sheet