PennWhite Certified Kosher For 13th Year.

Rabbi Kay from the Manchester Beth Din visited PennWhite on 15th May to perform his annual inspection of our Middlewich facilities. During his visit the Rabbi audited our raw material storage area, production unit and finished goods warehouse, as well as processes related to the manufacture of our Foamdoctor food-grade foam control agents.

Following his inspection he certified that 35 of our Foamdoctor antifoam and defoamer products are "Kosher and Parev" and conform to the Jewish laws of ritual purity.

This is our thirteenth year of Kosher certification and our new 2014-15 certifcate can be viewed by following the link below. This certificate lists the certified Foamdoctor products which can be shipped with a hechsher, more commonly known as a "Kosher symbol", on their label.

 Kosher Certificate 2014-15

PennWhite Help Bring Superfast Broadband To The North West

Promoting the delivery of fibre-optic broadband to the North West of England is the core objective of the Connecting Cheshire project launched by four local councils and BT in 2013. The project aims to provide 96% of Cheshire homes and businesses with superfast connections when complete.

David Rutley, MP for Macclesfield is a vocal supporter of the project, particularly the connection of Cheshire’s many rural areas to the fibre-optic network. He recently remarked that “The service will make a real difference to people’s lives… and will allow local businesses to expand and be more competitive.”

PennWhite, itself based in Cheshire, supplies a unique cable lubricant to contractors installing superfast broadband across the UK. PennWhite's PWL 9702A is a water based thixotropic lubricant developed to facilitate the installation of telecoms and fibre-optic cable in underground sub-ducts. Its high viscosity silicone polymers and perfectly spherical microspheres mean it is the only such product that satisfys BT's MAT 138A specification. It’s nice to know our products are helping our local community via the Connecting Cheshire project.

PWL 9702A Cable Lubricant

PennWhite Get Your Motor Running

For the last two years PennWhite has supported young motorcycle racer Bradley Hughes in the GP125 and Superstock 600 British Superbike (BSB) Championship. After some impressive points scoring results against older and more experienced competitors, 16 year old Bradley is moving up to the prestigious Supersport Evo class in 2014.

PennWhite will again support Bradley this year and the blue and white PennWhite liveried bike and rider will be live on British Eurosport in the BSB Supersport Sprint races. With coverage throughout each race weekend and midweek highlights, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to follow Bradley and the PennWhite bike over the 12 race season.

Bradley’s first Supersport Evo race is on the Brands Hatch Indy Circuit over the Easter weekend (18th - 21st April). The full calendar can be found at and you can discover more about Bradley himself at


BHR 300dpi


PennWhite Print Solutions' Get "A" Grade

At the end of 2013 one of PennWhite’s printing industry customers assessed the performance of their key suppliers over the previous 12 months. They rated each supplier based on the quality of their product and their customer service.

Just a few days into the New Year we received our results; PennWhite Print Solutions received top marks, an “A” grade for both product and service.

“It’s very pleasing to get that sort of feedback from a customer,” said Managing Director John Whitehead, “Our aim is to make buying from PennWhite straightforward and easy. Manufacture a product that is fit for purpose and deliver it when the customer wants it is a simple concept, but hard work and commitment is needed to make it happen.  Positive feedback like this is a testament to the efforts of PennWhite's production and administration teams.”

PennWhite Print Solutions' Dedicated Raw Material Bulk Storage Tank

A third raw material bulk storage tank has been installed at our Middlewich manufacturing facility, this one dedicated to PennWhite Print Solutions’ range of Finasil silicone emulsions. With a capacity of 24,000 litres and standing almost 7 meters tall, the tank will provide valuable extra on-site storage at PennWhite.

Production Manager Stephen Whitehead is overseeing commissioning of the tank and explains the benefits it will deliver once up and running, “Our experience and expertise has helped establish PennWhite Print Solutions as a major supplier of silicone emulsions to the printing industry, but the nature of commercial printing means that we often need to manufacture our premium Finasil products at short notice to meet customer deadlines. This is not a problem if we have key raw materials in stock and that’s where the new bulk tank comes in.” Stephen continued, “Having more raw material instantly available will allow us to satisfy last-minute Finasil orders whatever their size. This sort of investment demonstrates our commitment to meeting the unique needs of the printing industry.”

PennWhite 2014 Desk Calendar

Our new 2014 desk calendar is now available and will be on the way to customers very shortly. 

This year's calendar focuses on the people of PennWhite and provides an insight in to the hobbies, interests and skills of a few of the PennWhite team. So, if you want to know why we call our warehouse manager "sir", why our technical director gets excited by steep roads or even why our purchasing administrator really spends so much time in the kitchen, look out for your copy of the 2014 calendar in the post.

PennWhite Get It Right First Time More Of The Time

Formulating high performance chemical process aids is not a straightforward proposition. Variables such as ambient temperature, raw material consistency, water hardness, pumping pressure and operator experience can easily influence the quality of a finished product.

PennWhite works extremely hard to control such variables using our ISO 9001 systems and a stringent product testing procedure. We aim to “get it right first time, every time.” In January 2013 the PennWhite laboratory team established a project whose goal was to reduce the number of batches that don’t achieve our quality standards.

The results are in. After months of continuous data collection, investigation, analysis and testing the number of non-conforming batches has fallen by 50% and our first time QC pass rate has risen to 93%. Whilst this is a great start, the project is on going and our lab team will continue to strive for a first time pass rate of 100%.

PennWhite; The Italian Job

A unique PennWhite product is helping the Italian car industry stay on the road. Modern car manufacturers expect their suppliers to deliver components just a few minutes before the workers on the assembly line need them, so if a supplier fails to deliver “just in time” the implications can be immense.

Magneti Marelli, a key Italian supplier to FIAT, and car manufacturers across the globe, uses industrial silicone sealant as insulation on many of its automotive products. Unfortunately the silicone can clog up the machines that apply it, causing production delays.

To keep their production equipment working we supplied Silstrip, a product developed by PennWhite that effectively eats silicone and can be safely washed off with water. By regularly applying Silstrip to its machines, Magneti Marelli is able to remove access silicone quickly and easily ensuring that production runs to schedule and FIAT doesn’t have to wait for its components.


PennWhite's Chinese Fount Solution

Following a recent visit to the Far East by PennWhite managing director John Whitehead, a new Chinese customer has placed an order for PennWhite's specialist foam control agents.

The Chinese company supplies fount solutions to the printing industry but had experienced excessive foaming during their manufacture. Fount solutions are used in commercial presses to deliver high quality high gloss print with good contrast between solid and halftone areas. Additionally the solution cleans the machine, delivering improved efficiency and economy to the printer.

After analysing their manufacturing process PennWhite supplied Foamdoctor F695 to the Chinese production team. The agent eliminated the foaming problem, enabling our customer to optimise its manufacturing process. The successful Foamdoctor product is now being used at our customer’s facilities in China and Poland. One of PennWhite's founding partners, John Whitehead sees this new contract has " an important step in bringing the benefits of our product range to China's emerging new industries." 

PennWhite ISO 9001 External Audit Results.

On September 11th Intertek Certification Ltd (formerly Moody International), visited PennWhite to carry out their annual assessment of PennWhite’s ISO 9001 Management System.

After an intensive day spent reviewing PennWhite’s processes and procedures, checking the traceability of raw materials and finished goods as well as interrogating staff about their day to day working practices, Intertek were able to confirm that the policies and procedures in place at PennWhite are in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. As a result the ISO 9001 Management System at PennWhite has been independently certified for a 14th consecutive year.

Managing Director John Whitehead stressed the importance of ISO 9001 to his business, “Whilst independent certification gives our customers peace of mind, the main benefit of operating a formalised management system is that it forces us to constantly question how we do things. It gives us a structure for reviewing our performance and for implementing any changes necessary to improve our efficiency and service.”

ISO 9001:2008 at PennWhite