PennWhite ISO 9001 Certified For 17th Year.

Intertek Certification Ltd visited PennWhite on 29th August to carry out their annual assessment of PennWhite’s ISO 9001 Management Systems.

During the audit Intertek reviewed PennWhite’s production procedures, checked our traceability systems and spoke to our laboratory team about quality control protocols. Afterwards Intertek were able to confirm that the policies and procedures in place at PennWhite remain in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. As a result the ISO 9001 Management System at PennWhite remains independently certified for a seventeenth consecutive year.

Next year we will be assessed against the latest version of the standard (ISO 9001:2015)  Over the next few months we will work to ensure our compliance to the new standard in preparation for our certification audit next summer.


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PennWhite Halal Certificate Expanded

The London based Halal Food Authority (HFA) has expanded the scope of our halal certification to include 12 Foamdoctor food-grade foam control agents. A copy of our new certificate, which includes details of the approved products, can be seen here.

We will be submitting more Foamdoctor products to the HFA for their approval and hope to eventually offer a range of halal certified products similar in scope to our kosher range which currently stands at 65 products.  





PennWhite Save Salt Slags

On Sunday afternoon we received an emergency phone call from one of Europe’s largest industrial residue recyclers; their salt slag processing plant was about to shut down if we couldn’t help!

Salt slag is a waste product produced during aluminium smelting. The residue, along with spent pot liners (SPL) used in the process, contains reusable aluminium alongside useful oxides and salts. Separating these components involves crushing the waste and mixing it with water at 110oC, unfortunately this generates foam which inhibits the dissolution and crystallisation key to the success of the recycling process.

After reviewing the process conditions we suggested Foamdoctor F2913, a foam control agent particularly suited to high temperature use. By Monday afternoon F2913 was on site and being dosed into the water tanks and, despite the temperatures and pressures involved, eliminating unwanted foam as promised.

PennWhite are happy to play their part in helping our new customer deliver an environmentally responsible solution to the issue of industrial waste treatment.


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PennWhite Certified Kosher For 16th Year.

Rabbi Kay from the Manchester Beth Din visited PennWhite earlier this month to perform his annual inspection of our Middlewich facilities. During his visit the Rabbi audited our raw material storage area, production unit and  finished goods storage and dispatch facility, as well as processes related to the manufacture of our Foamdoctor food-grade foam control agents.

Following his inspection he certified that 65 of our Foamdoctor antifoam and defoamer products are "Kosher and Parev" and conform to the Jewish laws of ritual purity.

This is our sixteenth year of Kosher certification and our new 2017-18 certifcate can be viewed by following the link below. This certificate lists the certified Foamdoctor products which can be shipped with a hechsher, more commonly known as a "Kosher symbol", on their label.

 Kosher Certificate 2017-18

Ciao Domenico

We are delighted to welcome Domenico Mesiti to PennWhite as our International Sales Manager.
Domenico has over 20 years sales experience in the global chemical market and is a specialist in defoamers and emulsifiers for fermentation, food processing, water treatment and pharmaceutical sectors. He has worked in Vienna since 1996 and in addtion to his native Italian speaks fluent English and German, alongside conversational Spanish and basic Japanese. Domenico holds chemistry degrees from both Italian and Austrain colleges and will continue to be based in Vienna.
Managing Director John Whitehead Snr. said "Domenico shares our philospohy of service and innovation and I am sure he will play a significant role in the growth of our export buisness in new markets and territories."
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PennWhite: A Slow Plane To China.

Despite an un-retracted front landing gear on their Airbus A380 out of Manchester, and the subsequent  "unscheduled" landing at Heathrow and extended layover in Dubai, Technical Director Mark Humphries and Sales Manager Stephen Whitehead had a succesful trip to China last week.
Stopping first in Shanghai, they met with our new partners to plan the supply of PennWhite's foam control agents into China before attending a meeting in Hong Kong with our long established partners who oversee the supply of our silicone emulsions to the Chinese printing industry. Mark reports that both meeting were very positive and will help PennWhite extend its presence in the country.

 China 1 Web

Mark and Stephen meeting with Elegant Plan in Shanghai. 

PennWhite Install Another New Vessel

It's almost Christmas so we've bought our food-grade production team a great new present; A brand new 4000 litre mixing vessel! They weren't as excited as we'd expected. Maybe we should have wrapped it?
The new vessel will be commisioned in the new year and will expand our capacity to manufacture our Foamdoctor food grade foam control agents as we head into 2017.  PennWhite will be shut-down until Tuesday 3rd January 2017. Until then, we'd like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a successful 2017!
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PennWhite; Bon Voyage Marjorie

In 1984 Marjorie Campbell joined PennWhite. Today, over 32 years later she retired. And PennWhite will never be the same again.
Marj’s contribution to the business has been invaluable; in her finance role she has played a part in our acquisition of other companies, helped introduce IT to Pennwhite, looked after our tax issues, administered our payroll and much more. She has seen the 3-part carbon memo be replaced by email and dusty double entry ledgers replaced by internet banking and met each change with enthusiasm.
But her work has only been part of Marj’s story at PennWhite. She has been a friend, mentor and confidant to many of us for many years. Her calming presence, infectious laugh and extensive range of designer footwear will be dearly missed around the office. 
I want to personally thank Marj for her dedication to our business, her friendship and her wisdom and join all her colleagues in wishing her a long and happy retirement alongside her husband David. You will be missed Marjorie.
John Whitehead, Managing Director.













PennWhite; Come Fly With Me

At 40,000 ft on a flight back from a business trip to Malaysia, PennWhite's Technical Director Mark Humphries found out that he and the Airbus A380's First Officer had something in common; They were both trained to fly by Martin Handley of Tattenhill Aviation near Burton on Trent! After they landed Mark got to try out the co-pilot's seat for size. It's good to have friends in very high places...
Mark A380












PennWhite; The Graduate

Back in July PennWhite's Office Systems Administrator Palina Meesala graduated from The Open University with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics. A few weeks ago she collected her degree in a ceremony at Manchester's Bridgewater Hall. Congratulations!
Palina Graduation Web