PennWhite Take Delivery

Our soon to open new finished goods storage and dispatch facility recieved its first deliveries earlier this week. Getting the first, a 6m tall 35,000 litre water tank, off the lorry took a little coordinated fork lift trucking but it's now sitting on the floor and will be raised into position in the next few days. Our new racking was a little easier tooffload and will give us an additional 815 pallet spaces for finished goods once assembled.

Other new equipment, including an automated multipoint filler for our food-grade products, will be arriving soon and we expect to open the new facility for business by the end of the month.

IMG 0894IMG 0903

PennWhite's New Storage & Dispatch Facility

In January 2015 PennWhite will take possession of its adjacent business unit on the Midpoint 18 Business Park in Middlewich. This will double our current floor space to over 4,000 sqm, allowing us to increase finished goods storage capacity and bring our despatch team back under the same roof as their production and administration colleagues.

“Improved process efficiency and customer service are the motivation”, according to Warehouse Manager Phil Hallam. “The extra space will allow for the installation of new automated plant and a higher level of ex-stock availability. Communication will also be better as we will all be in the same building again”

Our current “satellite” finished goods warehouse (a smaller unit on the same business park), will be closed as soon as the new facility is up and running, which we expect to be by early February 2015.

PennWhite Audited By Halal Food Authority

The London based Halal Food Authority (HFA) visited PennWhite a few days ago to conduct an audit of our processes and facilities, the first stage in our application for halal certification of our food-grade products.

As well as reviewing our documented working practices, the HFA inspected our dedicated food-grade manufacturing area and storage facilities before visiting our Quality Control Station and laboratory. At the end of their audit they expressed approval of our food-grade processes, our plant and our segregation measures. They then invited us to proceed to the next stage of our application and submit our product specifications for halal certification.

We are now collecting and collating the required supporting documents for each of our food-grade foam control agents, lubricants and release agents. We expect to submit these early next year and hope to receive HFA certification soon after.

PennWhite Bulk Up For Winter.

Last Friday PennWhite took delivery of an additional 9,000 litre bulk storage tank. Once commisioned, the new tank will be dedicated to the storage of Foamdoctor food-grade antifoams. Technical Director Dr Mark Humphries is confident that the new tank will improve efficiency, "The extra capacity will eliminate the use of intermediate containers between manufacture and despatch. We'll be able to decant directly into the pack size required by our customers, this will be save time and reduce opportunities for contamination."

The 9,000 litre tank will shortly be joined by a 4,500 litre tank for the storage of antifoams tailored to the water treatment industry.



PennWhite IBCs Go Sky High

2013/14 has been another record year for PennWhite, it saw the tonnage of finished goods leaving our factory exceed the 2012/13 figure by 26%. And this got us wondering; if we could stack each IBC of finished product we shipped this year on top of one another, just how high would the stack be? Click the link below to find out...

The PennWhite 2013/14 IBC Stack


PennWhite Launch Greasil 3000

Greasil 3000 is a water repellent, non-melting, low conductivity grease lubricant developed for applications in construction, automotive and mechanical services industries. 

This environmentally (and user) friendly product is tasteless, odourless and non toxic. It will not degrade rubber, plastic or metal and is not effected by daylight or strong UV light. Softer than other greases in the PennWhite range, Greasil 3000 has an unworked penetration of 315mm and its dialectric strength of around 20kv/mm imparts low electrical conductivity to the grease. This high performance lubricant can be used in temperatures from -50C to +280C.

Greasil 3000 is particularly suited to the assembly of plastic pipework, "O" ring assembly, waterproofing electical components, protecting pourous surfaces and lubrication of items subject to temperature extremes. It is available now in a range of packs from 100g to 200kg.

Greasil 3000 Technical Data Sheet

PennWhite ISO 9001 Certified For 15th Year.

Intertek Certification Ltd visited PennWhite yesterday to carry out their annual assessment of PennWhite’s ISO 9001 Management Systems.

During the audit Intertek reviewed PennWhite’s production procedures, checked the traceability of goods and the management of non-conformances, as well as talking to staff about sales order processing and purchasing. Afterwards Intertek were able to confirm that the policies and procedures in place at PennWhite are in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. As a result the ISO 9001 Management System at PennWhite remains independently certified for a fifteenth consecutive year.

“ISO 9001 is a fundamental part of our business,” says Technical Director Dr Mark Humphries, “It provides a structure that we can measure ourselves against and encourages us to constantly review and improve our performance. ISO 9001 benefits our customers and it benefits us.”

PennWhite Fire Fighters Charity Challenge

PennWhite’s Kev Simpkins and Matt Barton are both on-call fire fighters retained by the Congleton station in Cheshire. As well as their “day jobs” and fire-fighting duties, over the summer they both took on challenges to raise money for the Fire Fighters Charity, an organisation dedicated to the welfare of serving and retired fire fighters.

Kev took part in the Charity’s tenth annual National Car Wash that saw fire crews up and down the country washing thousands of cars and giving their drivers hard earned road safety advice. Over £8,750 was raised with Kev’s Congleton station bringing in £659, the highest of any taking part.

Choosing to keep a little dryer, Matt Completed the Fire Service Three Peaks Challenge, climbing the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales in 21hrs 37mins to achieve a creditable silver award. In less than a day Matt hiked 20 miles, climbed 3,000 meters and drove 500 miles to raise money for the Fire Fighters Charity.

Donations to this worthy organisation can be made at

PennWhite Sign Up To Sedex

PennWhite is now a member of Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. This not for profit organisation is dedicated to driving improvement in responsible and ethical business practices throughout global supply chains. 

At the heart of Sedex is an online database which allows members to store and share information regarding their business practices relating to labour standards, health & safety, the environment and ethics. Membership enables our customers to view a report on PennWhite's performance in these areas as well as highlighting to us any areas in which we fall below best practice. In due course we will be undertaking Sedex audits and these too will be available online.

To view our initial Sedex assessment, you'll need to join Sedex, this can be done via the Sedex website for a small anual fee.

PennWhite Goes To China

Technical Director Mark Humphries and Production Manager Stephen Whitehead are currently in China helping to commission a specialist manufacturing facility that will produce PennWhite printing emulsions under licence.

The new partnership with Chinese company ABC Allied will help PennWhite’s printing products to establish a presence in growing "local" markets, many of which have traditionally been difficult for western companies to service. PennWhite products manufactured in China will only be sold in the Far East, PennWhite's UK manufacturing plant will continue to manufacture products for sale in Europe and the West.

Stephen has already been impressed by the new Chinese facility, “By designing the production unit from the ground up we’ve been able to avoid the compromises that can occur when a facility develops over an extended period.” Mark is equally impressed and has reported that the Chinese production team are “very keen and will get to grips with our formulations very quickly once the plant is fully operational.” This is the first time PennWhite has licenced the manufacture of their products and is another significant step for the printing solutions division of the business.