PennWhite Brexit Update

It's Halloween, the "scariest" day of the year, so what better time to issue our latest Brexit Statement

According to the UK Government's own figures, whatever shape brexit takes, the impact on  UK GDP will be negative, ranging from a fall of 1.5% in the event of a soft Brexit to a fall of 8% in the event of no-deal. 

It's still unlcear if the UK will be facing a trick or treat on 29th March next year, so we've continued to prepare for the worst-case scenario, although what exactly that will be seems to change every week. Our revised statement outlines PennWhite's latest efforts to mitigate the impact on our supply chain of a no-deal Brexit. 


PennWhite Rack 'em Up

As part of our Brexit contingency planning PennWhite has invested in new racking dedicated to raw material storage at our Middlewich facility. 

The additional 360 pallet spaces will enable us to hold extra stocks of key raw materials as part of measures to mitigate any raw material delays which may take place following the UKs departure from the EU on 29th March 2019. 

Racking 1

Racking 2

Racking 3

PennWhite Brexit Statement

LIke many organisations PennWhite has spent a large part of the last few years trying to second-guess the implications of Brexit, in all its potential forms, on our operations.

We have taken measures to mitigate any likely impacts on our business and to maintain the supply and service levels that our customers expect after 29th March 2019. An overview of the Brexit risk analysis we have carried out is contained in our Brexit Statement. This document is regularly reviewed and updated in response to developments in Brexit negotiations. It is our hope that over the coming months the uncertainty of the last two years will be replaced with clarity about the type of Brexit we will be dealing with.

Whatever form Brexit ultimately takes, PennWhite remains commited to working closely with our European partners and providing specialist chemical solutions to our customers throughout Europe and the world.

PennWhite Launch Chinese Language Website

PennWhite have launched a Chinese language website dedicated to its FoamDoctor range of foam control agents (

 Over the last 12 months PennWhite directors Mark Humphries and Stephen Whitehead have spent time in China establishing a working relationships with two experienced Chinese distributers and tailoring our product offer to the needs of  the "local" market. The introduction of the website and China-specific branding on product literature and labels is a significant step towards making further inroads into this huge market and continuing PennWhite's expansion into new "deep sea" markets.  


PennWhite Increase Bulk Storage

It was out with the old and in with the new at PennWhite yesterday.

Two 9,000 litre bulk storage tanks were removed from PennWhite's external storage facility at our Middlewich site to make way for a new 25,000 litre storage tank.  The new tank is part of an ongoing program to expand the storage capacity for raw materials as Technical Director Mark Humphries explained, "The last few years have seen global shortages of several key raw materials, increasing our storage capacity of those materials helps to insulate us, and our customers, from the effects of fluctuating availability".

PennWhite plans to add another 25,000 litre tank later this year. It will allow the company to hold additional stocks of raw material, both to satisfy growing demand for its products and as part of its efforts to mitigate the possible impact of a "hard" Brexit on the avilability and/or cost of imported raw materials.


Tank 3 web


Tank 4 web

PennWhite Halal Certificate Expanded Again

The London based Halal Food Authority (HFA) has expanded the scope of our halal certification to include 22 Foamdoctor food-grade foam control agents. A copy of our new 2018-19 certificate, which includes details of the approved products, can be seen here.

We will be submitting more Foamdoctor products to the HFA for their approval and hope to eventually offer a range of halal certified products similar in scope to our kosher range which currently stands at 78 products.  





PennWhite Certified Kosher For 17th Year.

Rabbi Kay from the Manchester Beth Din visited PennWhite earlier this month to perform his annual inspection of our Middlewich facilities. During his visit the Rabbi audited our raw material storage area, production unit and  finished goods storage and dispatch facility, as well as processes related to the manufacture of our FoamDoctor food-grade foam control agents.

Following his inspection he certified that 78 of our FoamDoctor antifoam and defoamer products are "Kosher and Parev" and conform to the Jewish laws of ritual purity.

This is our seventeenth year of Kosher certification and our new 2018-19 certifcate can be viewed by following the link below. This certificate lists the certified FoamDoctor products which can be shipped with a hechsher, more commonly known as a "Kosher symbol", on their label.

 Kosher Certificate 2018-19

PennWhite Certified to ISO 9001:2015

On the 18th and 19th of April Intertek Certification Ltd visited PennWhite to carry out a certifcation audit of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System against the latest 2015 version of the ISO standard.

After an intensive two days Intertek confirmed that our policies, procedures and business practices are in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. As a result PennWhite's ISO 9001 Quality Management System will be certifed to the latest version of the Standard once our current certifcation to ISO 9001:2008 expires at the end of June 2018.

PennWhite's Man in India

PennWhite Sales Manager Mike Holland has just returned from a busy three days representing PennWhite at the Food Ingredients India exhibition.

Held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai between 9th and 11th November, the exhibition attracted regional and global food industry professionals to the heart of the fasted growing food marketplace in the world.

PennWhite were invited to the exhbition by Barentz, a leading  global supplier of ingredients to the food, pharmaceutical and personal care sectors. We took the opportunity to promote our food-safe range of Foamdoctor foam control agents and came away with new regional contacts and several good enquiries.


India 1














India 2