PennWhite; Covid-19 Statement

PennWhite share our customer's concerns about the impact of the Coronavirus on global supply chains. At the moment we do not foresee any significant effect on our operations, however we are taking steps to minimise any impact that may occur as the situation develops. We are also concerned about the welfare of our staff and are taking additional measures to protect their health. Details can be found in our Covid-19 Statement which will be updated as required. (Last updated 24th March 2020)

PennWhite Brexit Update: February 2020

And then there were 27...

Over the next 11 months the UK and EU will try and work out a mutually acceptable deal to ensure as frictionless as possible trade between the UK and the EU. If we're very lucky, it might even be as frictionless as the one the UK walked away from on Friday night. If we're lucky. Based on the performance of our political classes over the last three and a half years, PennWhite will assume that a trade deal will not be in place by the end of the year, or that if one is, trade between the UK and EU will not be as straightforward as in the past. We will therefore continue to put measures in place to mitigate the impact of such an outcome on our operations.

PennWhite Brexit Update. February 2019

A deal, no-deal, delayed-exit, no-exit; As UK and EU leaders play political brinksmanship with all our futures and teeter on the edge of political infamy, we still don't know what, if anything, will happen at the end of next month. Here's our latest take on how we'll handle the worst case scenario.


PennWhite Brexit Update. January 2019

Some "encouraging" news from the Government; in the event of a no-deal Brexit, UK RoRo ports will "wave through" trucks from EU27 countries to minimise import delays for at least three months. This reduces the likleyhood of raw material delays on the UK side of the process but it remains unlcear if EU27 ports will operate a similar fast-track system or insist on a full customs inspection for goods entering the UK.



PennWhite No-Deal Brexit

Over the last few weeks the possibility of a no-deal Brexit has increased. We've reviewed and adapted our Brexit preparations accordingly, please take a look at our latest Brexit Statement for details.

PennWhite In China. Again

Following up on the launch of our China website a few months ago, PennWhite directors Stephen Whitehead (below middle) and Dr Mark Humphries (below right) have spent the week in China visiting our partners in the southern part of the country. This is PennWhite's second trip this year and we'll be back over there early in 2019 to help promote our products in this vast market.

 Stephen and Mark are now on the second leg of their journey home. It's 17 hours in the air, but don't feel too bad for them, they got to turn left at the aircraft door.

China 11 18