PennWhite; Covid-19 Update (18th May)

An update from our Technical Director:

Eight weeks into the UK pandemic lockdown and PennWhite continues to operate as close to normal as possible. Orders are being processed, products are being manufactured and finished goods are being shipped to customers across the globe.

Our office staff are still working from home and have been pleasantly surprised by the robustness of the IT and telecoms systems we put in place in preparation for a potential lockdown back in early March. Laboritory, production and warehouse staff continue to work a socialy distancing shift pattern and observe responsible Covid-19 working practices, as they have done throughout "phase 1" of lockdown.

Over the last two months we have played our part in helping customers in key industries ensure they are able to provide vital services and products and are commited to doing so for as long as this crisis continues. Over the last few weeks we have started to see an increase in orders from other sectors and look forward to providing these customers with the products and technical support they need as they emerge from lockdown.

In April we underwent a remote ISO 9001 audit (we passed) and expect to be audited remotely by our halal and kosher certifcation bodies during the next few weeks. Both the kosher and halal audits have been delayed by the lock down and we appreciate our customers patience whilst our FoamDoctor products are awaiting recertifcation.

Dr. Mark Humphries

18th May 2020


New Product Launch - Pennstat 1218F

PennWhite launch a new anti-static agent specifically developed for use in food contact applications. 

Pennstat 1218F is formulated for use in any food contact application and is particularly suited for use in the manufacture of BOPP films used in food packaging. The product reduces static-causing surface friction and provides a conductive path allowing any charge to disipate quickly and safely.

The components used in Pennstat 1218F are compliant with applicable FDA and EU regulations, further information can be found on the new product's Technical Data Sheet.



PennWhite; ISO 9001:2015 External Audit

Last Tuesday Intertek Certification carried out their annual audit of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System. In line with current UK government guidlines, this was of course a remote audit. 

During the course of several Zoom meetings, the auditor examined our preparations for lockdown working and reviewed how our QMS has been integrated within our current remote working pactices, particulalry in respect of sales order processing and quality control. 

We're pleased to report that we passed the audit and have now been certified to ISO 9001 (or its predecessors) for two decades. We look forward to next year's external audit which will hopefully take place without the aid of video conferencing!


iso logo

PennWhite; Covid-19 Statement Update

PennWhite share our customer's concerns about the impact of the Coronavirus on global supply chains. We have taken steps to minimise the impact of the pandemic on our business and remain fully operational. We are also taking additional measures to protect the health of our employees, their families and the wider public. Details can be found in our Covid-19 Statement. (Last updated 1st April 2020, version 5)

PennWhite; Covid-19 Update

A message from our Managing Director.

I wanted to let you know that PennWhite is continuing to work as normally as possible, subject to UK government directives, during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

We've put together a Coronavirus Response Plan and taken measures to ensure we can fulfil our role in the supply chain with minimal disruption to our usual service levels. Our ability to continue to do this may be affected by some factors beyond our control, such as further UK government restrictions and/or global measures taken to fight the pandemic.

We've taken steps to separate key staff from each other where possible and initiated remote working when practical. Around half of our office staff are already working from home and we expect the remainder will be working from home within the next few days.

We've temporarily changed how you can contact us by phone; When you dial our main number (+44 (0)1606 734820) you'll be given the option to "press 1 for UK sales, press 2 for export sales" etc. Your call will then be routed directly to the person you need to speak to, whether they are in the office or working from home. Alternatively, you can email your usual contact directly or use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make general enquiries or to place orders.

As a supplier to the food industry, we have long established hygiene practices in place with numerous hand-sanitising stations and "hands-free" handwash facilities throughout our premises. These will help to protect our staff, their families and the wider population during the pandemic.

The circumstances we all find ourselves in are unprecedented and changing almost by the hour. I believe the steps we have taken are a practical and reasonable response. PennWhite is, in essence, keeping calm and carrying on.


John Whitehead Snr.

23rd March 2020



PennWhite; Covid-19 Statement

PennWhite share our customer's concerns about the impact of the Coronavirus on global supply chains. At the moment we do not foresee any significant effect on our operations, however we are taking steps to minimise any impact that may occur as the situation develops. We are also concerned about the welfare of our staff and are taking additional measures to protect their health. Details can be found in our Covid-19 Statement which will be updated as required. (Last updated 24th March 2020)

PennWhite Brexit Update: February 2020

And then there were 27...

Over the next 11 months the UK and EU will try and work out a mutually acceptable deal to ensure as frictionless as possible trade between the UK and the EU. If we're very lucky, it might even be as frictionless as the one the UK walked away from on Friday night. If we're lucky. Based on the performance of our political classes over the last three and a half years, PennWhite will assume that a trade deal will not be in place by the end of the year, or that if one is, trade between the UK and EU will not be as straightforward as in the past. We will therefore continue to put measures in place to mitigate the impact of such an outcome on our operations.