PennWhite Help Easy Sliders In Andorra.

With temperatures in the UK below freezing for the last few weeks and snow falling on many parts of the country, sliding, even when you don’t mean to, has not been a problem! But for visitors to an indoor ski slope in the principality of Andorra on the French and Spanish border, sliding has been much more difficult than you’d imagine.

The problem is caused by the nature of the artificial snow itself, namely that it is man-made. Snow cannons fire droplets of super cooled water into the frigid air inside the facility that then fall as snow. Unfortunately artificial snow tends to be much “wetter” than natural snow and this prevents skis and snowboards from sliding over the surface efficiently and smoothly.

Until that is, one of PennWhite’s specialist Silicone Emulsions is added to the mix. Our formulation lubricates the artificial snow and overcomes the friction created by its high moisture content. As a result skis and boards glide over the artificial snow as if it was natural snow, delivering a real downhill experience indoors.

PennWhite Print Solutions Launch Finasil LWP

Lightweight papers are becoming increasingly popular in the heat-set offset printing sector, unfortunately paper cockling or fluting of the signatures is a common issue when using both coated and uncoated lightweight stock.

Typically, varying the rotational speed or direction of the lower silicone/water applicator will reduce cockling to acceptable levels. However, this can reduce production efficiency and increase the chances of folder marking on the finished job.

To overcome this PennWhite Print Solutions have developed Finasil LWP. This high performance silicone emulsion helps eliminate staining and matt spots on lightweight papers while maintaining full production speeds. Finasil LWP has been tested on some of Europe’s largest and fastest machines and has proved to be both effective and efficient. Commercial Director Karl Mallard praised the laboratory and production teams for their work on the new product, “They are incredibly good at creating silicone emulsions in line with the constantly evolving challenges faced by the offset printer. It maybe an old fashioned outlook, but we think if something’s worth doing it’s worth doing properly.It’s a philosophy that's helped make us the UK's leading supplier of silicone emulsions to the heat-set printing sector in just eight months."

PennWhite Increase Manufacturing Capacity.

A new 7,000 litre vessel has been installed at PennWhite’s Middlewich factory. The vessel is dedicated to the production of printing emulsions and was purchased in response to the success of recently launched PennWhite Print Solutions Ltd. Its Commercial Director Karl Mallard believes that “having a vessel dedicated to printing formulations will enable us to deliver even better products and service to the industry”.

PennWhite’s technical team are being supplemented by the addition of an experienced Development Chemist. Joining the business next month, our new chemist will play a key role in creating products tailored to specific customer needs. Two new production operatives, both with a wealth of industry experience, will also join PennWhite next month.

 Group Managing Director John Whitehead believes the growth of the business is down to the dedication of PennWhite’s staff to “getting the job done right, first time, every time. These additional resources represent our on going commitment to that objective”.

PennWhite Selected For The London Olympics

In just a few weeks, the focus of the world will be on London as it hosts the games of the 30th Olympiad. For journalists, competitors, spectators and TV viewers across the globe, a key source of information will be the Official London 2012 Olympic Magazine. This once in a lifetime publication must reflect the talent and expertise of the British printing industry. It will also be seen as an indicator of the professionalism and quality of the London games as a whole.

Wyndeham Herron, based in Essex have been tasked with printing 1.8 million copies of this official Olympic magazine. Shortly after being awarded the contract, Wyndeham Herron asked PennWhite to develop a silicone emulsion that would both protect the Olympic paper stock and deliver the high quality finish required for such a prestigious job. After a fast track development and test program, an optimal formulation was agreed.

Over the last weekend in June, PennWhite manufactured 3,000 kg of this unique silicone emulsion for delivery to Wyndeham Herron. We are thrilled to be playing a small but important part in the success of London 2012, and wish Team GB every success!