Case Study 03; A Tale Of Blood

The Client
A Modern Abattoir, United Kingdom
The Challenge
The animal blood that is inevitably spilled during the processing of meat in modern abattoirs is not wasted. It is collected and stored by the abattoir then supplied to processors who use it in by-products such as animal feed.  Unfortunately foam is generated at each stage, especially when the blood is pumped into road tankers for transport. This excessive foam reduces efficiency and often discolours the blood itself.
The Solution
Because our client, a busy modern abattoir, sells the blood to a customer that uses membrane filtration in its downstream process, we recommended Foamdoctor F2960, a food-grade antifoam specially developed for use in such applications. F2960’s ability to inhibit foaming when used at low doses made it even more suitable for the abattoir’s needs.
The Outcome
When a low dosage of Foamdoctor F2960 was introduced into the Abattoir’s blood recirculation system it eliminated the foam generated during collection, storage and transfer of the blood. More significantly it allowed our client to fill each delivery tanker to full capacity with just blood, instead of blood and foam. Foamdoctor F2960 has reduced our client’s transport costs and improved service to their customer.

Case Study 03, PDF