Case Study 02; Component Recovery

The Client
Specialist Electrical Recyclers

The Challenge
In an increasingly disposable society, many consumer electronics have a short lifespan. Most discarded electrical items are now sent to specialist recycling plants where their valuable components are removed before being disposed off. Unfortunately many components are protected by a durable insulator; silicone sealant. The difficulty of removing silicone made the recovery of many components uneconomic and the recycling industry required a simple and efficient method of stripping out silicone insulation.

The Solution
Our technicians used their expertise in silicones to develop a product that would attack silicone sealant at a molecular level, effectively dissolving it without compromising the electrical component itself. Initial trials of a liquid silicone remover were carried out and several formulations tested. Eventually a formulation was developed that successfully removed silicone insulation while leaving the electrical component undamaged.

The Outcome
PennWhite's Silstrip silicone remover is now used by electrical recyclers throughout the world to increase material and component recovery rates, maximising their profits, reducing landfill and protecting natural resources. Silstrip is not just limited to the recycling industry. Many high-tech manufacturers benefit from its ability to remove silicone while leaving delicate components unharmed. A major manufacturer of solar panels, who uses silicone sealant in its fabrication process, uses Silstrip to remove excess silicone for just this reason.

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